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September 24, 2013 Author: Ursa ▪  Filed under: Free Ride ▪  1 Comment

We have a brand new still from Free Ride, featuring Anna Paquin as Christina and Cam Gigandet as Ray.

Free Ride is a true crime drama set in 1978. Anna Paquin leads as Christina Milland, a downtrodden mother of two who decides there’s nothing left for her family in blue-collar Ohio, so relocates to Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The weather, lifestyle, and her new job cleaning houses in a wealthy neighborhood are invigorating, however, eventually, Christina comes to want more for her family and realizes that she can get it by teaming up with a marijuana cartel to put those big, empty mansions to use.


1 Comment to "Exclusive Free Ride Movie Still"
  1. charlotte says:

    some one told me free ride comes out in the uk on the 17th january 2014 is that true

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